Appending Pricing

Email: $0.09 per email appended

Phone: $0.09 per phone appended

Demographic information : $0.03 per contact appended

CRM Usage Pricing

Emails:⅐¢ per email sent

Phone calls: 3¢ per minute

SMS/Text: 2¢ per SMS segment sent

AI Content Creation - 10¢ per 1,000 word generated

AI Image Creation - 7¢ per image generated

We did the math for you:

Emails - $10 ~ 7,000 emails sent

Phone calls - $10 ~ 300 calls made

SMS/Text - $10 ~ 500 SMS messages

AI Content Creation - $10 ~ 100,000 words

AI Image Creation - $10 ~ 150 images

About Us

At HomeScope , we are pioneering a new era in the home service industry by introducing innovative technology to revolutionize connections between service providers and homeowners. Inspired by successful applications in other sectors, we identified the untapped potential of live real estate data and online appending services for precise targeting in the Solar sector.

Our proprietary platform facilitates efficient outreach strategies through targeted list making, email and phone appending, email marketing, CRM solutions, and custom landing pages.

With relentless dedication to innovation, we're reshaping the solar service landscape, offering businesses expanded opportunities and reimagined access to homewoners.

Join us on this transformative journey as we introduce proven real estate technology to the solar industry, enabling seamless connections and enhancing the way service providers engage with homeowners.

Meet Our Team

Noam Hannoun

Founder and CEO

Spencer Begy

Head Of Sales

Gigi Shachar

Director of Operations

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Have questions? fill out the form beow and we will get back you you ASAP

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