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We make analyzing a rental property so easy Grandma can do it!

Big Picture Metrics

Automatically calculate Cash on Cash Return and Cap Rate so you can make quick decisions! Set your rental income and Homescope will take care of the rest.

The Fine Details

Homescope gives you a full list of your monthly expenses so you know where money is being spent.

Track Variable Expenses

Track variable operating expenses so you can have an accurate picture of your cash flow each month.

Dynamic Amortization Chart

Find your principal and interest paydown for specific dates in the future.

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The numbers you want

Cash on Cash Return
Cap Rate
Monthly Cashflow
Total Cash Required
Over 10 Monthly Expenses

Rent Estimation

We provide rental comparisons on properties so your cash flow estimate is realistic.

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Built on Chrome, integrated with Zillow.
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Our Mission

At Homescope, our mission is to empower real estate investors by providing access to tools that automate and simplify the complex aspects of analyzing real estate. We believe that technology can enable us to make data-driven decisions and scale the way we work.